Buum, bang and fuck that shit

The standard of the humans is falling. Why ??? Why is this so ?? Buum, bang and fuck that shit


Gangsters of the world? Israel!

They kill and get away with it. They steal land and get away with it! Are you also a Israel hater ? We are exposing the truth for you !

Go green and save the planet

Save the planet and save the forests by planting Hemp.


What was originally a small group of friends, has become a feasible alternative to the cannabis black market in the north of Belgium. Our guest author guides us through Antwerp’s cannabis social club. Belgium legalised the possession and use of small amounts of cannabis for personal use a decade ago. Since that time, smokers can not only carry up to 3 grams in public but can also legally grow one plant per person at home.

Marijuana should be ..

Legal or illegal? What do you think ?

Belgiums first legal Cannabis Social Clubs

One of the most important new European cannabis social clubs is the incredible ‘TUP’ club.  This is Belgium’s first legal grow cooperative which was formed in 2006 and grew their first small crop in 2010.  They have grown to over 200 members and have bought a sizable greenhouse where they will grow their stash in 2013, this will be their first large collective grow.

Welcome to our new news channel



Why Alternative Press? Because the big media like BBC, CNN, FOX, Reuters & Sky is not to be trusted. Money makes the world go arround and it seems like all the big Western media is controled by the ARMS & OIL lobby.

People on this planet should live in peace and love and not in war and hate. Alternative fuels for cars should be used instead of GAS or OIL and soldiers should get a better job and not being paid for killing and robbing others.

Peace and Love brothers and sisters. The truth is out there and we will find it for you and post  it online. We are public yournalists working in teh name of the people for the people. 



In the future we will bring to you also some videos which will be recorded on Sony Action Cam or Sony NEX Camera. Sony is a traditional Japanese Company with high class Photo, Video and Computer eqipment.